Nasi Lemak @ Uncle Johns

One of the astounding differences that exists between the people of Sydney (and strangely including the police) but not the people of Melbourne and the Malaysian Chinese is that the latter think that uncle and aunty is a honorific given to important people in relation to your family as well as people who are members or your family. Where as here in Sydney they think you are talking about the Mafia. In my culture it effectively means to the children, this is a respected adult, and if your parents are not around, you should do what this adult says.

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The menu was quite extensive, and the same for all times of the day.

The serving staff at the cafe were Muslim, and I would guess, but this is only a guess Malay. We had a friendly, but mostly unspoken repall.

I had Nasi Lemak for breakfast, in the traditional style with chicken. They were impressed by this. Though I am used to having it with beef rendang. I think the paper is a budget way of having a banana leaf. Later in the morning I saw people taking away this food from food stalls and all that was different was that the paper was wrapped up. Typical of westerners the people who commented though that there was too much rice and not enough other things. But I think that this was unfair.


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