World Naked Bike Ride

It was with some nervousness that I headed off on to Hyde Park to go on the World Naked Bike Ride. I rode along my usual route now, with the detour at Redfern where they are redoing the park. When I arrived there was a small collection of riders. More showed up over time and at half past 12 we rode off though town. I will include that ride when I have processed it.

Unlike last year, when the police had behaved very badly and heavy-handedly, there were no police to be seen this year. So we rode via the main roads down to the Vanishing Point art gallery, on King Street in Newtown. Here we got ready to go on the ride. There were a few photographers from Getty Images. But they had to leave before we left. It took quite a while to get ready and we had quite a crowd of locals waiting for us to leave.

After preparing we headed out. We rode up King Street, through the Sydney University, then up Glebe Point Road. We then headed back, but road down City Road instead of through the university. I’d have to say it was singularly the most enjoyable bike ride I have ever done. We were cheered from one end of the ride to the other. On the way out people were a little in shock, but on the way back we had crowed cheering, photographers at the ready, some running down the street to get a good shot and very many words of encouragement. The only off things was I was called a faggot, as were two of the girls. They pointed out the lack of anatomical understanding of those making the messages.

After returning we washed off the body paint as best we could. Though I did not do so good a job and headed up to Buzzzbar for some food. We were celebrities and all the waiting staff had gone out to cheer us on when we had ridden past. I had quite a nice, it a bit pricey meal of Beef Merlot and Chocolate Mouse cake.

And for those who think I dislike chocolate, well, while I will eat any chocolate, I do like good chocolate, I am quite fussy.  The darker the better.


  1. Unfortunately, the WNBR will always be a token gesture in Sydney. Apart from being the world’s most anti cycling city, the anti nudity wowserism will always see to it that “naked” is in name only. Full marks for doing your bit though!

  2. mds, it is sad you have such a dim view of people here in Sydney. I guess you are on the money. But it does not hurt to try. The gays have had some success.

  3. Found this on a thing about Aspergers. It seems they deleted my comment. But I saved it and posted it elsewhere.
    Clothing can be such a pain in ass for Asperger People. Too tight, not tight enough, feels scratchy, the list goes on for material and fabrics that rub their sensory sensitivities the wrong way.
    Because of this, some Aspies prefer to just be plain naked.
    Usually this is confined to a private area, such as one’s own home or apartment, but there are exceptions.
    As children, they might have been little “streaker tykes,” taking off clothing that was unbearable in any environment, including public places. Some Aspergers might still take their clothes off in public, depending on their level of fitness and audacity and the amount of money offered that has enticed them to do so.
    Nakedness is natural and fine, but Aspies must beware. Google is watching.

  4. I appreciate that WNBR is a protest however those who feel the freedom of being naked, please consider being nude again in the company of like minded people. Sydney has a few nudist clubs always looking for new members, or visitors who just want to check it out to see if social nudism is for them. Pleas visit our
    The clubs are genuine nudist clubs, been around for years and have membership ranging in all ages and backgrounds. Thanks.

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