Multi Faceted

this dream I think may have occurred over several parts. In the end I chose to end it by waking up. The bus trip featured several people I know in Paddington.

On a intercity bus to a destination. The first night is an intermediate stop. Get off. Have to pick up stuff. Going to a course. Takes a long time to get things. Have a bag and two cut open cartons. In a hurry. Tip one carton into the other. Magically the things on the old carton fall into the new and fit perfectly. As I look closer to see, the contents of the original carton change to books, which is what came out of the new carton. The class has already started, there are several of is who have not made it.

Complete scene change, I am walking up a hill. There is a long thin clearing in the forest like you get where there is a gas pipeline. The grass us green. There is a dirt track, not too difficult. I am walking up the hill, it is steep.

I am at the top, on a wide mountain plain. There is a small undeveloped village. I  speaking to a telecommunications technician. There is a small crowd of locals. We speak of how to get over to the mountain on the other side you have to go all the way out to the ocean and back. He proudly says he’s been to the first main thown. I cannot remember the name, but it sounded Chinese. He said it is 1100 miles away, I was shocked that he gave the distance in miles. He then said something about getting to Saudi Arabia.

I am now watching in a room in a house. A woman returns home. She is surprised to find her business at the front open. There is an older woman, who is from across the road, she sits there talking to her in the waiting room out the back. There is an older man in the front room, waiting. The older woman is smoking a cigarette. She says, that her husband and son are ok, in her house with out her. She is here to earn money to buy something for her son. The first woman seems upset, but does not intervene.

Then we are in the first woman’s house. There is a teenage boy and a teenage girl. The girl is spinning from side to side on a chair. She licks her finger and smiles.

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