Back to the Nunnery

Well I have to fix my over-optimistic analysis of my rear tyre and put on a new one there as well. It arrived today, so I headed back on down to the Nunnery to fix the tyre. This also gave me a chance to work on the ding I had managed to put in the rear rim. There were many theories as to how the ding had occurred, from going over a bump on a corner to hammer wielding two wheeled bike terrorists.

With the help from the incredibly knowledgeable people there, I used an adjustable spanner to simply leave the ding out of the rim.  Some in the DHBC had given the same advice. It was not perfect, but much better.  I was surprised at how easy it was to remove the main ding. Though it would have taken more effort to make the rim smoother. I did not do this as I was not sure how much metal fatigue would be caused by constant bending of the rim. There is still a bit of a wobble and the rim is still a little pushed in to the centre where the ding occurred.

And as usual, the krishna‘s had some excellent, by donation food, which was simple and tasty and good. Though on this occasion they were a little late and they were worried that something may have happened to the van driver.

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