Evolution of Mirrors

The mirrors on the trike have gone trough an evolution. Like a bug, one rider said the other day that I have multifaceted vision. The mirrors I added are for seeing sideways. This is because there is a basic physical limitation on the trike. The problem is that I am down low (below the level of car windows and roofs) and a long way back. So when going out past parked cars I can see into the traffic on the cross road. This is working very well. The original mirrors I purchased were good, but only worked at 90 degrees, which was limiting.

Then the other day I saw much bigger mirrors in Woollys Wheels. As they were quite expensive and I was unsure about the fitting on the end of the bar beside my shoes, I decided to only buy one. So for a while I rode with unbalanced mirrors, a bit like those strange crabs with one claw bigger than the other.

Then I went out the the Concord Bike shop to look at electric motors. But I found another mirror a almost half the price for the same thing. So I bought it and now I have a full set of larger mirrors. This is still not perfect, but these cateye mirrors have a much wider view and now I can be at a slight angle and still see. Also the width of the view is vastly improved. I needed to put some cloth in with the pivot to stop it from moving with all the shaking.

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  1. I have noted that quite a few people automatically think that the mirrors are for looking behind, even though all I would be able to see is myself (they would work as vanity mirrors). Looking left and right is very left field for them.
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