Sylvia's Portuguese Restaurant

With the MSG I headed (well walked) up to Sylvia’s Portuguese Restaurant in Petersham. The meal got off to a bit of a chaotic start with hungry people, late people and lost people. But we ordered before everyone was there and in the end it all worked out well. I might have to get a job as a GPS unit one day. I also forgot to take my good camera. So I am restricted to mobile phone photos.

The menu is a simple affair with a small variety of dishes, with several options for some of them. We also ordered some food off the specials board.

We started with a mix of entree’s. Being on GPS Duties, I did not get a photo of the sardines. Typically for Portugueses food it had three sardines and in this case some roast green capsicums. We also had bread and Pipies. I have always wondered why Australians don’t eat Pipies. They are all along the coast line and with my father and his friends we used to harvest them from the beach.

For mains, we had Bacalhau a Lagareio (Fried Cod with potatoes), Espada a Madeirense (meat on a skewer), and Portuguese charcoal chicken served with chips, the last as a taster. Owing to a bit of a mix up in our ordering we ended up with two of the cod dishes, I would rather have also tried the pork. As ususal, the food is somewhat rustic in it’s approach. Large quantites of simple, good food. The cod was a very bland, but the sauce very strong and garlicy. The meat was salty, but still I ate two pieces. The chicken was a lttile hot.


We decided to go for the deserts. They had run out of Portuguese Tarts, so we had Molotof, which was made from a merangue and the others had a custard tart.

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