Some things on cycling accidents

As reported by Clover Moore, from the RTA to the State Government:

  • According to the RTA’s most up to date data, between 2004-2008 there were 5,800 crashes involving a pedal cycle, resulting in 61 persons killed and 5,946 injured. Around 95 per cent of these casualties were the pedal cyclist.
  • There are range of manoeuvres that contribute to crashes involving pedal cyclists.An analysis of pedal cycle crashes between 2004-2008 identifies that only five per cent involved a pedal cyclist colliding with an opening door of a motor vehicle and only around three per cent involved a car turning left into the path of a pedal cyclist.

Sadly there is only mention of 8% of the causes of cycling accidents, and no mention of the other, and statistically more significant 92%. Actually I remember reading somewhere, probably on a report in England, that 80% of cycling accidents do not involve a car at all, but just the cyclist on their own.

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  1. also, I read somewhere that more cyclists are hit from the side. Certainly when I ended up in hospital, I was hit from the side, though I do not hole the source as a likely highly credible one.

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