single mothers

Many years ago I shared a house with a single mother. I think that she made well of a very difficult situation. She payed over 70% of her weekly income on rent, so when I moved in, it reduced it to less than half. She could not afford to eat much meat and relied on donations of meat from the salvoes. I also was able to help this situation when I moved in.
I find that when people in Sydney talk about single mothers they are very derogatory and consider them to be second class citizens. It is quite disgusting and disgraceful. They think that they do not deserve government support and that they only have children for the support. They say that they act of having a child is a mercenary affair.
There is another group of people here in Sydney that seem to think that to be a single mother is to be a prostitute. This time derogatory in two ways. Once to single mothers and once to prostitutes.
I would say that the group of single mothers I have known have been amongst the best people I have ever known and I think that they are a class way above their detractors.

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  1. Well I’m a single mother in America who just wrote about going to Sydney hopefully they won’t kick me out if I ever go! But thanks about what you said. I know I try to do my best. I love my daughter dearly!!!!

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