A dinner with the family

I had a dinner with the family. People had come from quite some distance around, from down past KL and up at Penang to be in Ipoh. Several generations of descendants of Swee Yap.  They were interested to know about me and I was interested to know about them. Though language was still a bit of a problem and really it was a social gathering. I did learn quite a bit and I have quite a lot of follow up work to do.

The meal was at the International restaurant in the new town of Ipoh. We had a very similar meal to the meal with Billy’s family. We had fish and crab  claws as entrée. The crab claws really were that and had no prawns, so I was able to eat them. The fish fingers at the start were the best of all the dishes and easily the best fish I had had in Malaysia.

The chicken dish as a mix of chicken, sliced thinly, with vegetables and processed meat. It was also very good, being done in a soy sauce. (I have been ignoring my blood pressure a bit and eating up things like dishes with soy on my holiday.)

Then we had road suckling pig. The pig consists of the best parts, the crackling skin and the fat immediately underneath with some meat.

Next was catfish. As there are many rivers around, and they are quite muddy, I guess that there is a lot of catfish. We had a few different varieties. This was quite a good one.

Then there were prawns. As I am allergic to the critters, I did not have any.

Next was roast pork with noodles and vegetables. Ipoh seems to be quite well known for it’s noodles. My grumble would be too much soy.

For the final dish we had soy soup with white fungus. It was quite a reasonable soup, though I prefer sweeter.

And then at the end we had some family photos. The last photo had all the people at the dinner.


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