Lunch in Jerantut

Well, after the train ride, I arrived in Jerantut. The two English people opposite me in the train, brother and sister, and I caught the NKS bus from the station the 200 or so meters to the NKS coffee shop. Well I guess I could have walked. But it was free. NKS are very well organised for the traveller and it makes it easier than travelling on your own. However, they are also very good at charging and the one price comparison I have, for the bus form Taman Negara to Jerantut is : 1) 7 rm for the public bus and 2) 25 rm for the NKS bus. I used the public bus. But I had lunch in their cafe and the prices here were normal and the food of reasonable quality. I had a fresh pineapple juice, chicken and ginger and rice. There was also the benefit of free wifi, though I had to ask for the password.

Anyway there was a bit of a stir as someone thought I was going to stay there. Though I had intended to stay the night, the train timetable caused me to end up just transiting. I think some people were complaining that they had been mislead and they were very unhappy. A man was asking another about what the others were saying. The other said yes, he is like this. The first man asked why then did they withdraw something.


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