Centennial Park

Well I rode with the Saturday slowies. Though it turned out I was not as much over my cold as I had thought. I only did two laps of Centennial Park and I was totally exhausted when I returned to Marrickville. I went to go to the cafe, but it was closed. It seems that they had had some rain damage on the Friday. This sign had appears since I was there last telling parents not to let their children play in the fountain. After all it is art and clearly the owners fell that children playing in the are will somehow detract from it. Not to mention that it is a totally illegal activity here in NSW. I do intend to take some photos of children illegally playing in fountains at some stage.

Rather the go and look for the mobile coffee shop, that always is in the same place, I headed up the hill, attracted by the photos strung between the trees as part of the head-on exhibition.

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  1. Naddsy

    josh loves playing in this fountain 🙂
  2. yewenyi

    maybe we need a public campaign the make playing in fountains legal in this state!

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