Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Well we headed out into the night and I had the delight of having dinner with a smaller selection of my relatives as the others had headed back to their homes in other parts of Malaysia. This place was famous for its roast plate. It has Chinese sausage, two types of roast port and roast duck. Needless to say I ate quite a lot.

The restaurant is on a corner. We parked down the road a bit and walked back up.

As a meal should, we started with a simple soup.

The vegetables were sambal vegetables.

Ginger Chicken is always one of my favourites.

Pork and Yam, is a mixture I have always been in two minds about. But I am coming over to liking the dish.

And our group photo at the end of the night.


  1. It looks delicious and must have been fun. Nice to see you in the group shot! And did your relatives think you odd for taking so many shots of the meal, or are they used to you?!!

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