Seeing sideways

Greenspeed GT3
new mirrors

On Sunday I visited the Stanmore bike shop on Parramatta Road and purchased a pair of mirrors. The mirrors are not for seeing behind, they are for seeing sideways. Two drawbacks of the trike make for poor visibility when coming out of side streets or off the footpath when there are parked cars. As a rider I sit low and my head is in the rear half on the trike. So I have found I need to stick out into the road by more than half a meter to see the oncoming cars. This can be a very bad thing in a city with narrow streets like Sydney. So I put some mirrors on my mounting bar I had put on the front of the trike and set them up to look sideways. It works a treat. After a little adjusting this morning I can now see sideways from the front of the trike. I have the right mirror (the important one) set up so it is working perfectly. I am having a little trouble getting the left mirror in just the right spot.  ☺


  1. a little update. I have got the adjustment right. The mirrors could be a bit bigger or curve a longer. They really only work when I am at nearly 90° to the road. If I designed a custom set I would make them curve through say 45 degrees. Maybe 30 would be enough.

  2. Look in auto1 in alice Street. (between King Street and Marickville Metro shopping centre but then, I doubt they will be designed for mounting onto bikes or trikes

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