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When I returned form Malaysia, I found that Le Grand Chef, the only Korean Restaurant in Marrickville had closed. I was saddened by this becuase it had good food and provided variety in the offerings in this suburb. The place was undergoing renovations, but I did not know what the outcome would be. I when down that way today and ended up having lunch at it’s replacement to check out the new place. The restaurant has been redecorated, but the furniture is the same, including the Korean gas bbq burners in each table. I ordered the special Beef Noodle Soup.

The food was reasonable. A few dollars more expensive that the Vietnamese restaurants near by, and with less variety. But then I’d think there was more beef. The Special Beef noodle soup was not so special, but it was a good hearty meal. I will have to go back and try the five spice beef noodle soup.


  1. I noticed it was more expensive, and it would have to be good for me to go there, but it does not sound the Pho is as good as the one at Pho Bac up the road. Very disappointing it closed. Does Marrickville really need another viet restaurant?

  2. did you go to the Korean place when it was there and support it? if not then perhaps you do want more Vietnamese places in Marrickville. Personally, I’d prefer a bit more variety.

  3. I really enjoyed it. The food was fresh, has great flavours, the portions are larger than the cheaper places on the strip and it has a chic, classy feel. I’ve been living and eating in Marrickville for years and this is exactly the kind of restaraunt that’s needed to cater for the new chic crowd that’s moving into the area.

  4. Totally agree with this upmarket trend in Marricville, and Yen for Viet is great! Its a clean looking trendy vietnamese restaurant with no ‘tacky’ in sight. Its up-market but still maintains great priced dishes, the first time i went it was with a large group of people and we really loved the aromas of everything- the soups the meats, and good portion sizes- instead of ordering 2 or 3 cheap and tacky dishes elsewhere here you could order 1 and be totally satisfied!!
    I’ve been back twice in two weeks for the caramelized fish dish with a friend- not sure the exact name but its the most amazing fish dish we’ve ever had at a restaurant, not dry or salty- just perfect fish that melts in your mouth. I totally recommend it!

  5. I went there with my wife and we loved the salt and pepper squid. Another night we went with a group of people we got the wagyu beef on the mini BBQ with rice paper rolls. We all had an awesome time because we have never had a BBQ in a restaurant b4 we had good fun I like how the place is done up it is more upper class than some of the other restaurants in the area good for marrickville

  6. I disagree that the other places have “tacky” dishes. Generally the food is spot on and some of the dishes like those with lemon grass are perfect. I think this place may suffer from having food that is too bland. That is why I will try the five spice beef. To see if it is real or just a pale imitation for western pallets.

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