MSG #11 – 山城火鍋王

I headed with the MSG to china town for Shangcheng Hotpot. I did not know what kind of hot pot it would be. I did not see this type of hot pot in China when I was there in 1992, but then again I did not go to hebei. Maybe that’s where you had to go. But by 2006 I had this style of hot pot in Yang Shuo. The ordering starts with a form to be filled in. We had to select what we wanted. So it did several circuits of the table as people added what they wanted to the menu. We had two hot pots so there was one with no prawns for me and one with no pork for some of the girls. We were able to see how much each plate contained by looking at what the other tables had. In the end we ordered almost exactly the right amount of food. Afterwards I headed out for a phone conference and then rejoined for ice cream. The others thought the hot was very hot, but I just thought it was mildly hot.


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