Back to the Nunnery

I tried to go last week to the nunnery. But I did not ride on Monday, and on Wednesday it rained a lot. So I managed to get down there tonight. Like Wednesday, I took the trailer to carry my new rack. I stopped at the Sydney Fine Food Cafe as I do more often these days on the way to work and had a raisin toast and coffee. I had a phone conference for work before I went and it was well and truly dark when I got there.  But there was quite a crowd of people. Just after I arrived the Hare Krishnas arrived with their food. So I spent two dollars on this as well. One of them did point out that the bastard was here. I was unable to fit the rack to the trike as it was too wide in the forward bolt positions so I will need to get another metal plate to make it all work. However, it was very easy to remove the old rack, put the new rack on and then reinstall the old rack. My new plan to mount the mirrors on the front also suffered a major drawback. So I’ll have to work out a better solution. After all of this I helped some others repair their bikes. A couple of break adjustments, some work straitening a wheel and greasing a free wheel mechanism and at the end tightening a seat. I was quite happy with this, the people here are simply the best, and will go back to help out again.

A man, one of those probe to foolish assumptions says, surely he knew that!
Man: we can’t admit, because he knows this!

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