Evergreen Taoist Church and Yui Ming Temple

Well, I was determined to learn more about my grandfather’s tomb inscriptions. I headed back to the Yui Ming Temple in Retreat Street, Alexandria. But as the woman there said, there are only old men and women here. The man again said that they do not know. Apparently I should have known that they do not know. But the women were sympathetic to my cause. I suspect given that they said bu dao, that maybe they thought I was hostile to them.  I then headed up to the NSW Evergreen Taoist Church on Bourke Street. I had been past so many times as I had lived for 18 months only around the corner. But I was still very surprised at how large and impressive it is. The women there again were the most helpful, thought the men seemed to know the most. I was taken up to the old man in charge at his desk. When I showed the photo of the grave he got out (what I think was a feng shui book) and immediately started looking up things. He was very knowledgeable, but seemed unable to community things to me in English. They suggested that I speak to the Sydney University about this as they would know more of the historical information. But they were very helpful in that they explained that the outer two columns of the tomb were a poem and the first word of each line was bok and loh (Bok Loh was my grandfather’s home town). Also the next two columns in, that had caused me so much trouble, they said, are feng shui compass points.  There is much for me to learn in here.

The N.S.W. Evergreen Taoist Church Ltd.

地 址 Address:749-757 Bourke Street, Redfern, South Sydney, N.S.W. 2016, Australia
電 話 Tel:61-2-9310-2155
傳 真 Fax:61-2-9310-2089

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