Of Java, KL, Borneo and Melbourne…a trail of mistaken Identity

Well this is one of the Brian Yaps who creates the most trouble. I first knew of him when friends at Melbourne University started asking if I had an email address at Melbourne University. To which I answered no. To make things more confusing, we are both interested in Java programming.  I bow down honourably before the better programmer here. Also we are both of Hokkien backgrounds (hence the surname) and have families who came via Malaysia. Though my family are from West Malaysia and his from East Malaysia. You can seem some of his work in this PDF, or via the link below.

I still get the occasional person who looks up my name on the Internet and starts asking questions about Java programming and agents. To confuse this, I have an ammeter interest myself. So they may never realise their error.
Current Research Interests

  • Intelligent Software Agents
  • inter-agent interaction and communication
  • information agents
  • mobile agents
  • agents in mobile devices and appliances
  • intelligent kitchen – who has the smartest kitchen?

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