Broken Cables, Missing ATM's and recycled Bikes

Well it turned into a day of drama. On my way to work the strange noise that had been coming from the rear of the bike raised it’s ugly head again. I have not been able to work out what it might be. In Newtown, the rear derailleur cable broke at the derailleur. So I had no rear gear. I adjusted the gear to be on the third smallest cog. It is bad on the smallest as it is so worn from the old chain and the new chain has not yet stretched enough to fit it. So I was limited to 9 fairly spaced gears,  but becuase of the overlap it was really about 5. I stopped at the Sydney Fine Food Company to have some toast and a coffee. I was going to ride all the way through, but wanted the break. At lunch I purchased a new cable. I stopped at the Ampersand Cafe and had a steak sandwich. I had forgotten to go tot he ATM near work so to have enough money I looked for the ATM shown on my phone, but I walked past it twice before I found it hiding inside the petrol station.

After work I headed down to the Wednesday session at the nunnery. I fixed my cable. I had new instructions about adjusting it so that the cable does not break. But I did not need to pull apart the leaver mechanism, though I tired, as it was really just a matter of better adjustment of the cable length (I hope). After a slow start at the nunnery we had quite a few people show up and it was busy for the three of us there helping. Though I am not sure how much help I am. Most of the people there on the night were quite competent at what they were doing. A man did come in a Datsun ute and drop of three bikes.

On the way home I used my new head-light light for the first time. It is amazing how bright it is and I spent quite a bit of time looking around lighting up all the reflective surfaces I could see. Also it attracted quite a bit of attention from people beside the road.

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