Jury and Mary Ann Cramp Arrive in Australia with their children

As seen in the Sydney Herald – Monday 18 November 1833 Page 2, my great great grandparents Jury and Lydia arrived in Sydney. Jury was a farrier. There is speculation that his business went bankrupt and he came to Australia to avoid debtors prison. Their daughter, Lydia, and my great grand mother was born here in Australia.
Shipping Intelligence – Arrivals

From London and the Cape of Good Hope, same day, having sailed from the former place the 6th of July, and the latter on the 23rd of September, the ship Rubicon, 304 tons, Captain Daniels, with merchandize. Passengers; Fred- erick Rothery, Esq. Mr. John Fresh, Mr. J. Piiikworth, Mr. William Grimes, Mr. John Daniels, Mr. James Bil nail, Miss. Cullendon, Miss. C. Cullendon, Mr. John Johnstone, Mrs. Johnstone, Mr. Jury Cramp, farrier; Mrs. Cramp and 5 children; John L. Crabb, Esq. merchant; Mr. Henry Latham, cabinet-maker, Mrs. Latham; Mr. Thomas Fuller, tailor; Mr. Edward Quaile, printer; Mr. Charles Towns- end, veterinary surgeon ; Mr. George Urquhart, dyer, Mrs. Urquhart; Mr. John Horsley, Mr. Moses Levy, Mrs. Colterall, and Mr. John Draper.


  1. Dear Brian Yap.
    I am related to the Victorian Toleman/ Cramp. More so Jessie Agnes Toleman.
    Could you pls contact me, via my email address. (my only avenue to chat)
    Would like to ask about your records you have gathered on your family tree chart info that’s on the internet.
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