Chinese shadow

I love the poetry…

影子呀 中文寫作 影子 -5A 葉文意 影子呀,影子, 你想和我玩捉迷藏嗎? 怎麼你老是躲在人家後 面, 你究竟怕甚麼? 影子呀,影子, 為甚麼你那麼笨? 你永遠只站在人家後面, 沒有人能注意到 你, 你不寂寞嗎? 影子呀,影子, 為甚麼你老是在模仿人家? 你究意有沒有自己的主見? 你想不想 做回真正的自己呢? 影子呀,影子, 出來吧! 不要再躲了,讓我看看真正的你

which translates according to google (with a little edit) as:

Chinese shadow-5A writing shadow Ye Wen Yi

meaning shadow, a shadow, and I want you to play hide and seek? You Are Old, after they face is how to hide, what are you afraid of? Shadow die and shadow, why are you stupid? You can never just stand behind others, no one will be able to note that you, you are not alone? Shadow way, the Shadow, was imitating Why You Are Old people? You decades have his own opinions? Do you want to really do their own? Shadow way, the Shadow, out! Not hiding, let me see the real you! .

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