Water in Paddington

Well, I stayed back at work later that I normally do. On leaving I saw that there were lots of cars in the back streets between Moore Park Road and Oxford Street. I decided to ride down the hill form Oxford Street to Moore Park Road, fully expecting the latter to be closed, but curious as to why. When I got down there, sure enough there was a police blockade. So down a back lane to the side of Victoria Barracks. Again the road was closed, this time by the fire brigade. Though on this occasion they may have been better called the water brigade. I had to laugh. The man beside me on a mobile did not think it was funny. He lived 4 houses up on the blocked off street. I took some pictures and headed back up the hill. Followed the massive traffic jam down OxfordStreet and then up the other side of the barracks on the bike track. I was able to turn right on the bike path where the cars can only turn left. As this was now a little up the other side of the hill, I missed the water which I guess was heading off down the side of the Sydney Cricket Ground.

And the next day it looked like this. There was lots of sand everywhere. On the footpaths, under cars.

27 August Update: Stopped by on the way to work. Took some pics from basically the same spot as the night before. I did not realise how close I was to the actual burst main. I thought it was up the hill. There was quite a large hole, but it is hard to think that so much sand came out of the one hole.

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