Overnight in Rockhampton

The bus from the airport dropped me off at what I now consider and “unofficial” bus stop which was as close as he went to the riverside caravan park. Here they again confirmed that they had no cabins or vans. So I booked an unpowered camping site. I headed down to the sites and found that there were two other sets of campers in this section of the camp ground. A German couple, who it turned out were riding from Brisbane to Alice Springs via Rockhampton and Mount Isa. They were heading inland on the 3rd of Sept. The others were a little camp, semi-permanent, again of Germans, two girls and 2 guys, who were on a working holiday and were staying there while they found some work on a farm or similar. Some of them had part-time jobs in town in the interim. I spent the evening in  the common area talking to them and two other German girls who were camping in powered sites.

After setting up my tent I headed into town. The sun was setting. I walked down some of the main streets, went to the chemist and bought some soap. I purchased an expensive block at $2 and a bit for one bar as opposed to the cheap bars which were the same price but for 5 or 6 bars. I did not need that much soap. In there was a man who reckoned he was a duke. I though he was quite rude. He thought that becuase I had a good camera I must be a professional photographer. Later when I bumped into him out on the street, the said that I was rip van winkle. I had dinner at a Japanese place, which was playing good music in Mandarin, and then after asking a local, found the supermarket. There I purchased a torch, hammer and some batteries. Normally I when cycling I use my headlight as a torch, but I had foolishly chosen not to pack it.

I did not need to check out of the caravan park until 10 AM, so I took my time packing and getting ready and left just before 10.

Added: when I was getting ready to leave, there was  another couple on bicycles preparing to leave. They were from NZ and were following the Cycle Queensland Ride Route. They said that they could not do the ride with us as they had to be back in NZ, so they were riding two days earlier.They had ridden the day before from Yeppoon to Rockhampton.


  1. I been the caravan park before, close by the river, be careful there are some kind of insect can fly through the net of camp and bite, it will be very pain itch for very long time.
    And i don’t like Rockhampton as well , that is a city with full of discrimination( my experience)

  2. I was only there for one night and mostly spoke with Germans. I did no have an insect problem, but I did purchase and use some aeroguard. Rocky has a bit of a reputation from others in Queensland as being a rough town.

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