Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club Open Day

I headed back to Tempe, down the Bourke street cycleway to the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club open day. I was surprised, and pleased, by how much they have built in the southern section. It has clearly been some time since I went down there. I think that I finally understand why I could never find the Tempe Velodrome on the internet. It is actually called the Canterbury Velodrome and it is actually located in Earlwood. But it is very close to Tempe Station. When I got there, some time after the day started, there seemed to be no one there. However, when I went to the infield there were plenty of people. The day had been organised as part of Bicycle Week.

There were several sets of racing, a set of two person sprints, and latter a Madison and scratch race. I did not get photos of the latter races as the shutter in the camera, already probably at twice the number of shots it is rated to do, finally packed it in. After the camera failed, I also made a little movie.

Several people went for a ride on the trike. G managed to break my flag off at the base. So that is three pole failures in two days. The old pole was on the way out and held together with red vinyl tape. At the end I went for a ride. I got one wheel up onto the embankment and just touched 40 km/h, though I think I should have been using a lower gear.

There was a sausage sizzle and coffee and other drinks provided by the Marrickville Road Cafe.

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