Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-08

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  1. Man: they thought that was the gimmick
    Man: they won’t accept thats what they said.
    Man: we can’t believe they did
    M1: that’s what they thought he did; M2: he married a man
    mobilehoidie boy1: the cops thought he did 2: yea they did,
    Man: some syndrome, I did not hear the first bit

  2. Man1: so why did it take so long? M2: we had to review it M1: you’ve fucked up and the Russians dint think like that
    M2: we said we are sorry; M1: you fucking have to!
    Man: holy shit! He wrote this!
    Man: they thought icthian
    Man1: you said he did this when he was 30; M2: he fucking didn’t know a thing! You bastards!
    Man: we can’t believe you thought he said this!
    Man: they want to know why you said stop him.
    Man1: shit, they thought they were like this; M2: yes they did
    Man: after all of that, they don’t want to know about it
    Man: they said he’s a push over; Woman: now we can’t
    Man on mobile: you are going to explain why he thinks we are arseholes

  3. 2009 October 9
    Several people: we can’t believe that after all of this the pricks still wrote this
    Man: they even won’t admit to the Byron bay bit
    Man: jen really fucked up
    Man: you idiots, that’s not what we meant!
    Many people disparing that the cops still won’t.
    Man: they are going to explain the television part
    Man: you are going to explain why you thought that’s what he did
    Woman: and he will say, what do you mean I am not allowed to comment about that? Man: he will, This is totally correct.

  4. 2009 October 10
    Woman: they won’t explain the 100 bit!
    Some people speak of bongs, other claim to have found an ashtray

  5. 2009 October 11
    Man1: where is the warrant? M2: oh my god.
    Man: oh shit! The cops write this!
    Man: the poor kid! They really fucked up!
    Man: they thought that ken lost his money
    Man1: they can’t believe he didn’t know that M2: we can’t believe they still did

  6. 2009 October 12
    Man: we can’t believe they offered that
    Man: what. Is killing them are the white lies
    Man1: and he didn’t know any of this M2: what dies he say M1: I did, he really does
    Mam: because he wore red socks
    Woman: …when he was 7…

  7. 2009 October 13
    Man1: you fucking have to admit! M2: we can’t! …a little later… M2: we’ll sack you if you do!
    Man; they’re the nuns! Holy crap!

  8. 2009 October 14
    Man: they thoght he wasn’t going to cone back
    Man: a man speaks of a murder threat
    Woman: he meant that kind of whore!
    Various: they are trained to think like that!
    Mam in a red corvette: they won’t admit they think like that!
    Girl: the racist bastards should know we don’t think like that!
    Woman: the frigging bitch wrote this! We are so upset!
    Woman: you bastards did! Man: you know we don’t think like that! Woman: you bastards said we think like that!
    Man: what we said is that we don’t think like that, the Asians do.

  9. 2009 October 15
    Man: it’s fucking stage fright
    Woman: we can’t believe they thought we meant block that
    Man: they (the stupid ones) thought he said he did
    Man: they can’t believe that after all if that he frigging didn’t know
    Man: they said, cornflake guy
    Man: ah, so that’s what they thought, he’s the creep.
    Man1: that’s what they thought. That was punishment! M2: oh Shit!
    Woman: you pricks said he did!
    Man: that’s all the neighbours complained about
    Man: hold your friends close, your enemies closer and your purse by your side!

  10. 2009 October 17
    People singing a hymn
    Man: it doesn’t mean we are against that
    More people speaking of poppy cocks
    Man: yeah, the fatso did
    Man: we can’t believe they did that because he said wassa.

  11. 2009 October 18
    Man: oh no, when he said path, he meant one you walk along.
    Man: oh dear, they can hear each other,
    Man: oh shit, they thought he was the link!
    Woman: you have to explain why you said that’s what he likes
    Man: they said, if that’s what he thought, then fuck him!
    Man: how was he to know they did?
    Girl: can I? Or is it too dangerous? Mother: it’s too dangerous.
    Man: I can’t believe that they’d think that’s why he would want congee…
    Woman: we can’t believe they thought that!
    Man: the reason he had drugs in the house is that his father was a doctor! This is very true.
    Woman: they were monitoring this web site amd they thought this! The fucking arseholes!
    Furious Woman: we can’t believe that they thought the Asians thought this!
    Man: oh shit, they forgot this!
    Man: they thought they wanted this! Oh god!
    Man: they thought he was a ghost writer.
    A man says something about gerringong
    Something about the cops and pedophiles
    Man: they thought Desiree was a prostitute.
    Woman: then why did you say, don’t encourage him
    Man: they said it’s because he is a pervert!
    Man: you said he’s a looser

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