Bicycle Helmets

Found this on the web today. It is tragic if it is true:

Today I discovered that every bicycle helmet manufactured in the last 5 years is about to become unsellable at the end of this month.
It’s a long story but the short version is this:
All helmets sold in Australia require a sticker that certifies that the helmet complies with the Australian National Standard – AS/NZS 2063.
Every 5 years the standard is updated to ensure that helmets (in theory) continue to comply with any improved minimum requirements. We are currently in a transitional phase between the old standard and the new standard.
At the end of this month, it will be illegal to sell a helmet without the “new standard” helmet sticker on it. These helmets will be identical in every respect to ones that can be sold. The only difference will be the test date shown on the sticker.
It would appear that this scenario has been engineered by Pacific Brands, who control the distribution of almost all helmets sold in Australia. They will gain a huge windfall as all helmet stocks in Australia will need to be replenished before the end of this month.
At the same time, bicycle shops will be the losers. Any unsold helmets that they have at the end of this month can no longer be sold. The cost of this inventory will be a deadweight loss. There will also be the cost of restocking with new helmets.
Anyway, the bike shops’ loss is our gain. I expect to see massive discounts on helmets as bike shops sell helmets at below cost, just to get rid of their stock.
So, if you’re looking for a new helmet, you will never get a better chance than the next couple of weeks to get a really great deal on one. Great time to buy for the spouse, or the kids!
Peter Bundy is giving away helmets too. Give him a call, or drop in to his shop. Expect to pay something for the high-end ones, but the standard helmets are probably giveaways.
Also, have a look at what’s left of the stock in his shop. He’s closing down at Christmas for 3 months, and he’s selling everything at cost or below.

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