Commenting Fridays – 2010 December 10

My Comment: TCP/IP is not the only method available, but it is easily the most common. You cannot use the higher bandwidths in a single down load because of the design of the TCP/IP stack. You can get stacks that transmit more data, but if you are pulling data form a remote location and using a standard stack you may be limited to as little 1 MBit/s. This is distance dependent (well really delay dependent). Your really would start to notice, that all other things being equal, sites in Australia allow higher bandwidths than sites overseas. You can get over this by running multiple down load sessions. Though this does not help if you have one big file you want to move. I suppose what I am saying is that it is actually quite hard to use such large bandwidths for any length of time.

My comment: I can agree totally with the governor. Maybe in a time of global warming we should have a nationwide ban on building things at less than a certain height above sea level, say 5 meters, until the problem is fixed.

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