vertical lift

this dream reoccurred a lot during the 1990s and ended not long after I moved to Sydney in 1997.

I am an a very large seemingly natural cavern. Certainly the shape is not regular. It is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. There is machinery, like mining equipment, stretching to the roof. There is the constant sound of water dripping from the ceiling. I stand beside a large vertical conveyor, of the type used to take people up and down. It consists of many little platforms joined by a chain. You can step onto and off the platforms as they move slowly past. For a long time I ignored the lift. But one day, curious as to what was at the top, I caught the lift. Eventually, I came back down. This happened for a while. Later, one time when I caught the lift, there was this stone tunnel at the top, ramping up. It ended in a wide set of stairs. But there was a cave in at the top. The dream sequence came to an end not long after I moved to sydney. After this time, the blockage in the tunnel disappeared and I was able to move through.

I ran through the dream again this evening. There seems to be nothing after the tunnel.

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