Monbulk Preschool Concert 2010

The end of year concert for Monbulk Preschool. The kids went in before we did. I knew a bit of what would happen as I had been to the rehearsal. But still my position was not perfect and as the first attempt at a video shoot on the D60, I was not sure what would happen. I found early that I had trouble focusing to close things when on wide angle zoom on the lens. I was also worried about my storage (only 16GB) and battery life. By the end I was recording long sections. There was plenty of battery, but I did come close to filling up the card.

I have never been to a concert by such young children before. It was an interesting mix of organisation and chaos. Very entertaining and everyone had a good time. Krysta was clearly the most energetic and the dancing lessons she has had from her fan dancing friends were clearly in evidence with some excellent dance moves when she was doing her own thing. She does have a bit of difficulty in synchronising with the music.

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