This dream occurred in the morning.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

I am in a place. There are people sitting in two half circles, not quite joined. There are four people in each half circle, their heads bowed, they seem to be wearing black robes, but it could just be dark. I feel that I am in a room, but there is just a central area and then darkness.

I move to another place. This is light but not bright. There are several people who work for another company I used to work with in Melbourne. An older man, with white hair smiles welcomingly. I belong. I have not seen any of these people in 10 years.

Curious as to what is going on, I will myself back to the first place. I reach out to one of the darkened bodies. A face looks up at me. It is a woman I know in Sydney. Only her face is lit up. She has a sorrowful look on her face.

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