The car after 1 month

In addition to the review of the car after 1 week. Here is some additional information after 1 month.

  • Radio fixed. Is good, though outside temp is -40 deg and I can’t work put how to download phone book contacts. I need to contact Sutton’s to see if the temperature is meant to be that, or if they forgot to hook up the sensor.
  • The cruise control will sometimes not set. Sometimes just comes good. Some times needs a gear change. Sometime needs to stop. Sometimes needs to have engine turned off and on. Sometimes none of this works.
  • The cruise control works well and holds it well on the hills. It does hunt a little bit when going between acceleration and deceleration.Only once has it lost the speed and dropped out.
  • I still forget I have the head lights on.
  • Being full of books and towing a trailer was no problem to it. Really it did not notice the load. I managed to go nearly 800 km on a tank and probably would have gone further if I had not been lugging the heavy load.
  • The light of the radio display reflects off the windscreen at night in an annoying manner.
  • The Hyundai sign on the dash is curved in many ways, which only means that there are many directions from which the sunlight directly on the sign will shine in my eyes. I am considering covering it with a coloured texta. The outside air vent knob does the same, but much less often.
  • The fuel economy is improving. After one tank in town, one towing a loaded trailer 750 km and one in the mountains I am using 4.47 km/100l at 7.254 cents per km for fuel only. It can go from Melbourne to Sydney on one tank when not towing the trailer.

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