Praying and selling

A man wrote on Facebook today: “…and it for some reason it wasn’t in any searches etc. So instead of fixing it, i prayed about it, and it some hw was sold, despite not being listed. So umm yeah praise God…”. So how do you know if god influenced the sale? Well here is a first draft of an idea for a test.

  1. Run a test with a decent sample size. People selling things on ebay. Randomly assign people to various groups. Some pray, some don’t. Some pray that they do not sell, some pray that they do sell.
  2. Determine if there is a significant difference in selling ability. If there is, and praying to sell does help, then run another test where they pray to different supernatural begins and some to plain ordinary artefacts and determine which supernatural being or artifact is best.


  1. I guess that there is a difference between praying or sutras for internal change as opposed to ones for making changes to things you have no control over. Wording is important. Your comments remind me of how the police always focus on not doing things.

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