Riding to the Georges River

Cooks River To Brighton Beach

Cooks River To Brighton Beach

I went for a ride on the GT3 with Massbug down to Brighton Le Sands. We left the group here and headed south. I stopped taking photos as it started raining. It was a gentle ride, which is why we left, the pace was slow for the children. The organiser said that we were riding at an average speed of between 10 and 15 kmh. I still have not fixed my installation of my speedo, so I do not know what speed I am going at.

At the start I was late as I went to the wrong station. Very silly really. I knew it was Tempe, but I had in my head the image of Sydenham. It was only as I approached Sydenham that I realised the error of my ways. I was late as it was so I had to speed to Tempe. I was slowed down by the fact that I had not properly reconnected the SRAM dual drive clip box and hence was in low range. At Tempe I arrived just as the others were leaving. I stopped to fix the gear box and then, with one other late arrival, headed off after the others. We quickly caught up with them.

Cooks River To Brighton Beach
Brighton le Sands

Cooks River To Brighton Beach
Botnay Bay

We stopped at Brighton-Le-Sands for coffee and in my case, cake. Karyn and I then continued on down to the Georges River, while the others headed back. It was a surprisingly pleasant ride and I will do a proper blog entry about it one day. I still haven’t completed the Cooks River Bike Ride blog entry. Unfortunately the rain caught us every way we went, though it was very light until the last km when it became heavy.

All in all, this was the longest ride to date I have done on the GT3. Soon I will tackle the waterfall ride. The others think I am ready.

Cooks River To Brighton Beach

massbug 2009-06-14

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