Bullying Tactics

In the last 12 months I have been subject to much more bullying that used to be the case. It seems that Australia is becoming a land of bullies. Here are some examples, they are mostly to do with fear of the Internet.

  • Store keepers complaining that only one bad review will turn people off. A travel agent on George Street was concerned that a bad review of Egypt airways had put off a traveller. Well, actually I think that this is what is meant to happen. If Egypt Airways does not want bad reviews they should not provide bad service. And Travellers have every right to share stories to keep themselves informed. However, I do reject the idea that people are so stupid that they will use just one review to reject a travel offer. I’d guess it is more likely that they really didn’t want to fly with them anyway and that this was just an excuse.
  • Bicycle shops are terrified of cheap imports from China. They get people to say things like, Target has crap quality bikes, I would never buy anything there or who complain that you can purchase say a bike frame directly from a manufacturer for significantly less than what you can buy it from a shop.  They are worried you will just go into a shop to determine what to buy and then buy the same thing much cheaper on the internet. The sudden prevalence of bike shops shows that they are making too much money in the current boom and should lower their prices. They exude hatred of such behaviour to try and force you into making a purchase in-store. Also their distribution system is too expensive and should be streamlined. Maybe the manufacturers should get together and put up some display shops so that people can see the goods and then sell them things on the internet. The apple shop works a bit like this. I keep on having to buy things at their online shop as they do not keep stock of anything apart from the best sellers in their store.
  • There are Christians who seek to make out that theirs is the only good way of living and say obnoxious things like that the 60’s life style is a discredited way of living. Of course, I am a child of the sixties and think that lifestyle is much better in many ways and that the Christians should stop hating me. Of course they could be expressing a hate for the Vietnam War and Space Race, though this is unlikely.They also hate Ned Kelly.

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