Cycling Saturdays – 2011 April 03 – The new pump

Well, actually it is my second one of these. The first was stolen here in Marrickville. I like the design of this pump. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is easier to pump up to a higher preasure, well the easiest in a compact size. The pump is a CycleAir pump and I have the original version.

On the instructions is has a warning. The warning states that you should not use the pump for more than 10 minutes in one day. If you use it for less than 10 minutes you will stay within your daily vibration allowance according to British standards. The daily exposure for hands is 2.4 ms-2. It also says that this is about the equivalent of 70 minutes riding on one of those pesky 2 wheeeled bikes. Well, I don’t ride one of those. But there is an implication that if you ride a 2 wheeled bike for more than 70 minutes you would be above your daily safe limit of vibration and you should stop!

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