Seymour to Sydney

Well we left Seymour and headed up to Sydney. The kids were enjoying their summer holiday. We stopped at the Mokoan Rest area and then MacDonalds in Albury for lunch. Krysta is won over by these places as they have play grounds. Further north we had a short break at HMAS Otway in Holbrook. When we arrived that evening in Sydney is was sad to see that the evil boys had come into our underground car park again. The kids were very upset that they stole the front wheel off their pram/bike trailer and they had removed the pack rack and rear mud gard fromt he trike. Very strange behaviour indeed. If you know anything about the I would very much like to know. It was reported to the police and a case created. But the police, as they always are, were quite uninterested. It seems that they are more interested in making persecuting people than solving crimes.

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iansand (23 hours ago) I’d like to see how long the ‘tood lasts when the sub goes under.
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yewenyi (22 hours ago) Given the location of the boat, it will take a lot of global warming for it to go under. But a quick spin and kick and she’d be swiming along side.
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Phillip Potter Brian, liked your Holbrook photo, I actually bought that sub (not many people can say that) some years ago, its the top deck (the bit thats out of the water) of the old Otway9 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

Brian Yap was this while you were acting mayor of Holbrook? I did not know you were involved. 🙂 It is a great place to stop on the drive.


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