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Here is my Chinese visa. This time it is valid for 60 days. Previously you only got 30 days. The first time I was in China, in 1992 with Barbara, Arthur and Friedel, I stayed exactly 30 days.

On the opposite page to the Chinese visa, is my Mongolian Visa. I had not allowed enough time to get the Visa in Sydney, because it took so long to get the Russian and Chinese Visas that I actually obtained the visa while in Bei Jing. I think the Mongolians get the prize for the most serious border control. Our train carriage, on leaving the country was filled with about 30 machine gun toting guards for the short journey from the customs post to the border.

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  1. Dear Chinese Visa applicants,
    Have you noticed that the visa application fees have been almost doubled recently? Officially, the fee for one entry visa is still $40, but you have to pay $38 to Chinese Visa Service Center (CVSC) to let them hand your application to Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China.
    Chinese Visa Service Center acts as an agent, but this is the sole agent. There are no competitions and location convenience for the applicants. Besides time delay and cost increase, there is no means of providing better services for visa applicants. You know what? Basically CVSC is formed by a group of families and relatives of the Chinese Diplomatic Officers in Sydney.
    The rapidly growing demands for Chinese visa in Australia means that more money flow into Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China. Then they can employ more staff to provide better services. The fees can be raised on the base of CPD, but not to be doubled like this.
    We strongly oppose this policy. Hope Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China will reconsider their visa issue policy.
    Visa applicants

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