Korea Rail Pass

I have chickened out of driving for now. I have purchased a Korea Rail Pass for 10 days, the longest available from STA travel here in Paddington. At first they were not sure if they sold the passes. STA is listed on the Korea Rail web page, but I did not know if all their offices sold the passes. However, after a quick investigation, they determined that they do sell the passes. It took an unexpectedly high amount of typing to generate the order. In the end, it turns out that I have a voucher, not in itself unexpected, to get a voucher, now that is unexpected, when I get to Seoul. I then take the voucher to Korea Rail and get the pass. A bit complicated really. The agent in Korea is:

Kises Travel Office
YMCA building, Suite 505
Chongno 2-KA Seoul
(02) 733 9813

I will be traveling for 14 to 15 days. So 10 days is not enough. I have decided to travel counter-clockwise around the country. This means that I will be able to use the rail network for the first 10 days. At the end I will be in the north-east at the National Park. There is no rail network up there, so not having a pass is not a bad thing. I will decide when I get there if I should drive or use the express busses.


  1. hi .. intersting. just browsing through the web to look for korea rail passes sites..

    Will be heading to seoul on 28th, so i guess i have to find out quickly soon!

  2. Cheayee, I think the most complex part was finding the street address. Once I found the agent in Korea it all happened very easily and quickly. Good luck and happy travels.

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