An Afernoon at the Show

Well I have to admit that the Royal Sydney Easter Show is my least favourite of any show in Australia and the one I prefer to avoid. But I was connived against to take the kids, and I agreed as I was taking Krysta and Milla. I carefully forgot my camera. We were meant to go on Saturday, but the weather was horrible. So we went on Sunday. I purchased the train & show tickets at Sydenham Station. Another thing I have against the show is the inflated prices. Angelika had purchased 100 prepaid online tickets.

As we entered a few people offered us tickets. One man had 48 he wanted to sell for $40, so I did not take them. Another man just gave us 12 tickets for free. So we took those.

The ride to the show was good. Being later the trains were quite empty. We arrived, got some free wrist tags with my phone number on them for the kids and a free chocolate and then went in. The kids were delighted. My plan of doing the show bags last quickly went out the window and we got them first. Three including one for Teresa. At least the show bags are better value for money.

We did the riders starting with the children’s rides. A few people offered us small batches of unused ticket so we ended up riding with a few more than 100 tickets. All of this went well, though Krysta was braver than she should be and was a bit put off by one ride, though she did it on her own later again, and was panicked by the sea maze thingy as it had a dark section and I had to rescue her and abandon the maze.

Apart form that we wandered through the animals, which were only mildly interesting. We stopped for a bit of cow judging and when the announced the winner of the two bulls in the competition the kids were the only ones to cheer and whistle.

Right down the back of the adult rides was the last ride we did. On the way we passed many that Milla was tall enough for, but Krysta was not. Though most they could ride on if I went with them. But the sun had gone down and we only had a handful of tickets left. So the last thing we did was the big dipper, right down the back of the rides. I had to go because of their height. The girls loved it and I was scared.

An expensive meal of hot dogs and chips later at nearly $20 and we left and went home. The only down side was that we left too early to see the fire works. But I did not want to wait another three hours.

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