Sydney to Melbourne: Day 1 – Sydney to Cowra

Well I had great hopes for what we would get done on the day. But reality intervened. We got quite a good start to the day, but left an hour later than I wanted to . Then there were the road works in the Blue Mountains, and a stop at Wentworth Falls Lake, punctuated by a mild argument over the different between Wentworth Falls and Wentworth Falls Lake. We played frisbee for a while with Milla’s Simpson’s Frisbee, though when Milla decided to join in it descended into a bit of a farce so we continued on our way driving. After that we made good time to Cowra. We stopped in Blaney to grab some food for dinner at the IGA and then made it into Cowra, but too late to visit the Japanese Gardens.

The Cowra Van Park was quite good, though the cabin was a bit lacking on Kitchen things like pots and pans. The kids played and got soaked, no surprises there. Kirsten made some Dinner and I unpacked everything. We did not go out to the observatory as I was too tired for a late night after the late night the night before and then the long day’s drive. In a sign of what was to come, the Internet at the van park was broken, though this saved me the expense of what was very expensive access. It did not help Kirsten to do any homework.


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