International roaming

The costs are huge! Anyway I will take my mobile, but I will have it set up so I cannot receive calls. They will all go through to voice mail. I can listen to these on the web when I have access. I can receive SMS messages so if you need to contact me urgently send a SMS. Making calls back to Australia range from $2.50 to $4.50 per minute, so I will just use email unless it is urgent.

Mobile email is even more problematic. It ranges from $7 to $20 per megabyte. This will kill off sending messages with pictures or videos from the mobile. Only text. I will again not receive any emails on my mobile while I am away, but will use the web access. So it is better to email me on my home email ( rather than my mobile email.

So to contact me while away:

  • use my normal home email address
  • if it is urgent send a SMS or both.

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