BBQ At One Tree Hill

For lunch we headed off to One Tree Hill for a BBQ. We were there quite late, but still all (two) the BBQ’s were taken. So we had to wait half an hour. Kirsten took the kids off for a walk. I waited to claim the BBQ and start cooking the food. The previous users were very friendly and did a great job of cleaning the BBQ after they had used it. I was wondering, given that we were in a large forest, how did it come to be called One Tree Hill? Was there some mystery in this name? Was one of the trees, the one tree? Is the one tree evil? Still, the kids came back, the BBQ became free, I cooked the food and we had a BBQ lunch. The kids seemed to enjoy it very much.

After lunch, I walked with Krysta and Milla down the 1,000 steps. This as you would expect was quite easy, though one had to watch out for the uneven steps. Still we got to the bottom. Kirsten drove down with Teresa.

We met at the bottom. Kirsten and Milla then ran up and down the steps. Which was quite energetic. I stayed behind with Krysta and Teresa. Krysta did not want to go, but was heat-broken when she found that they had gone. So I had a time calming her down. Teresa helped out wonderfully. All was good when they came back. We headed off to the car, which because it was a holiday was parked up the road some way and headed home.

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