Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

It was a long and complicated day. I was very lethargic when I started. Kirsten got up at 5 AM to do the eggs and bunny prints. The kids were very excited by the whole arrangement. Krysta was just happy to believe it, though Milla saw through the deception as we had used powder to clean the deck, just a few days before. She went along with it.

Then we had a hair session as we Kirsten was worried the one of the girls had lice, but we found nothing apart from a few dead eggs and one dead lice.

After this we headed off to Sky High for the easter egg hunt. There was much excitement. Teresa found more than the other two, though they all found over their quota of eggs.

John, Kirsten’s dad, Robyn and the others were late and arrived after the hunt. We stopped off at the sky high cafe for morning tea.

After this we headed home. The girls walked back and I took the car. They were home not long after I, even though Kirsten said that they wanted to stop lots to look at the flowers in the National Park. Through the afternoon the girls made some art things using krysta’s art pack.

In the evening we set up the tent on the balcony and the kids played in it in the afternoon and slept over for the night. We had originally spent quite some time trying to use the flatter area down the hill behind the house. However, it was very uneven, but more importantly, it was too small. So too much digging was required. I spent quite a while removing some of the blackberries and in the end we hit a rock that was too large to move and to high to make the ground flat. So Krysta came up with the bright idea of using the balcony. The tent only just fits.

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