Places so far I have disliked

This is a little list of the places I have not liked when I have travelled. There are not many. But all three fall into the category of savagely overrated and not living up to expectations. It came up in a conversation about travelling to Beijing. I was going to do a longer list, but as far as I can remember, only three fall into this category.

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Forbidden City
  3. Praha



  1. I think mostly because they had overblown expectations.
    Edinburgh and Praha also have an architectural style which I particularly do not like. Just personal preference I guess and I would not have guessed that I would not like it until I saw it. Praha was also sorely overrun with masses of uni holiday tourists. I had to escape.
    The forbidden palace was just this pokey little dump. Maybe now that they have been repainting things this will have changed. Certainly the temple of heaven was much improved. But I loved the summer palace in Beijing and nether really compares in magnificence to the old manchurian capital’s palace in Sheng Yang, which was their imperla palace before the conquered china and formed the Ming Dynasty.

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