I hope this works as I do not seem to be able to access my home page or blog from here in the internet cafe. So I am sending this from my email.

I caught the ferry from Incheon. Using the subway was easy, but slow and then I got a cab. The ferry time changes about three times, but in the end, we were on our way. I shared my cabin with an elderly jesuit bible teacher from Usan. (which caused endless confusion with me and others to Busan.) He was a nice person and helped me get dinner and breakfast. We also spent some time, engaging in the pastime (as did many others) of feedint the seagulls as we left by throwing chips into the air. The sea gulls mostly were able to pick them out mid air.

The boat trip was uneventful. The seas about as calm as they could be. We did have some delays when we arived at the port and it took about 30 minutes longer than expected.

At the terminal, I was looking for the number 13 bus stop to travel to the railway station. There were some locals who showed me the way.

I then came into town. I accepted a local’s offer for accomodation, (these people always hang out in front of train stations). It was for 150 Y per night. But as it was it turns out that as I am a foreigner I had to pay 250. This is not unexpected for the room and was still 30 yuan off the list price. The room is on the 37th floor and I have to use 2 lifts to get there.

I then headed to the local park. Here I met a man from Baulkam Hills and his Chinese wife. They married in Australia, but are living here for 5 years. I went to the top of the lookout on the near by hill and then wandered back down here for the intenet cafe. I knew there were cafe’s near by, but again some locals voulentered to show me the way to one and ordered it for me. The price is high (as it is quite nice) at 2 Y per hour. The normal rate I am told is 1 Y per hour.

Anyway I need to return to get some sleep.

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