Well it seems I was a bit presumptive about the hotel charges at Dalian. The extra money was the deposit and I got it back when I checked out. So when I checked into my hotel here in Shengyang, I was prepared and even was able to use the correct word for deposit.

The bus trip took about 4 hours. There was an accident and all the traffic was stopped, but it started moving again about 5 minutes after we joined the queue. I do not know the cause.

I am staying in an older hotel. To get in I have to walk through two rooms of a restaurant and then go up to reception on the eighth floor. The room numbers seem to occur at random, and perhaps they are all auspicious numbers.

I found a fast food chain next to McDonald’s that at first looks like it has Japanese food. But my beef rice bowl also included kimchi as a side dish. It was one of the best meals I have had in days.

Today I am off to the old imperial palace and some pagodas. I have booked my ticket on the 8:20 am bus to Harbin tomorrow.

I cannot load any photos as this computer does not have a USB port.

A money shaped building

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