Harbin Temples

Well perhaps I made a mistake. I allowed three days for Harbin and two for Shengyang. With the benefit of hind sight perhaps it would have been better the other way around.
Today I wandered off to visit the temple district. On the way I passed three churches, two of which seemed to be Russian. At the western one they invited me into to listen to the sermon. However, it was all in Chinese. I did wander inside to see what it looked like. A plain room with bench seats. However, I explained that I did not know that much chinese and excused myself.

Only one of the two temples was open. It was an large and active affair and there were plenty of people in it. I had some of the most impressive pagodas I have seen. I will upload a photo of it later. They wanted to charge me 3 quai to get into the closed looking entertainment park, so I passed on that. I headed off to another temple and museum. However I headed off down the wrong road. The third person I spoke to knew where I wanted to go was located, and took me there down many back paths through the Harbin Engineering University. It was a simple temple and the history of nations seemed to be a single room which was a history of the Jin nation.

Hence, after a short day I returned to my Hotel. I will stay here tomorrow until check out time. There is still one park I want to visit, that I did not have time for yesterday as the sun was going down and then in the evening I am on the train to Beijing to start my tour.

Buddha and the pagodas

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