Travellers Home

The people who ran the Traveller’s Home were very nice. The Swiss woman who owned it. The Malay man who ran it and the staff. Most of the people there were nice and I travelled in the park with two of the nicest Germans I had met. I had been booked ahead, something I never do, as this was travelling more into the unknown than I normally do, though in the end, my fears proved to be completely unjustified. I had decided that the Travellers Home would be a time of rest and recovery. Hence I had booked a higher standard of place than I normally would. I guess it is something to do with the woman who owned it. But the place was full of Germans and Dutch travellers. There was a nice family with a son, maybe about 7. He was having a bit of a hard time in Malaysia with language and was glad to be somewhere where other people spoke German.

On the first night there was a gathering around the dining table as the food comes with the place and we all eat at the same time and together. We were inside because of the rain. I found the dutch quite rude. Which I do not normally do so. When I spoke of my father and the Japanese occupation they said that they are all europeans here and did not talk about that in polite company. So I politely moved onto another topic. However, when the german couple wanted me to go on the boat trip with them, they started out by mentioning snakes and how there were brightly coloured ones here in Malaysia. This was very rude and I think that I prefer the backpacker crown any day. Also the Australians, from Ringwood, who showed up on the second night were equally obnoxious.

On my day there, I wandered down the local road. There is a ruined building next door. Though it looks like it was never completed.

Beyond that are some houses. The road does not go far as it is located on a spur, sticking out into the river.

It was very funny when we got back form our boat trip. The three of us had got on very well, even though I felt I was holding the other two up a little with my lack of fitness. When we got back they were having dinner. They had set up the tables with two spaces for Damien and Vera at one end with the dutch and a spot for me with the Australians. But, Vera, bless her soul when down and sat in my spot with the Australians and I sat with the Dutch and Damien.

The last morning there was a giant Atlas Moth, probably more than 10 cm across sitting on the tiles. I had breakfast on my own and used the courtesy bus to get down to the town to catch my bus.

Travellers’ Home
Lot 193, Kampung Tekah, Kuala Tahan,
27000 Jerantut, Pahang Darul Makmur, MALAYSIA.

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