Charlie and Lola

We I had never heard of Charlie and Lola, until I was surfing the net looking for something for the kids to do. I found this show, asked Kirsten if the kids would like it and then bought some tickets. Originally I was only going with Krysta, but Milla wanted to come to. Luckily there was a seat spare in the row behind so I was able to get three seats together. The girls were exhausted, tired and a bit grumpy. The night before we had stayed up to watch the new years eve fire works. We caught the bus to Circular Quay.

As we walked from the bus stop we had our now traditional play on the interlocked doughnuts and then the girls met the donkey actor. I think they really did not know what to make of it. Their tiredness probably did not help.

After this we headed into the Opera House. They were not really interested in exploring the opera house. There was a shop and a bar, so they wanted to buy things. But all of the things in the shop were very expensive, which only led to disappointment for the girls. The evils of product marketing struck us. Milla found a girl from England to play with while we were waiting to go in.

Once inside we had a little argument as they both wanted to sit next to me, but I wanted to sit in the seat on it’s own in the row behind so I could see them. They both enjoyed the show. I have to say that I enjoyed the show too. I was a little apprehensive as I had never really seen this show before. They did the show using a Japanese puppetry style where the actor stand behind or beside the puppet. After we were all tired so we just caught the bus home. Krysta had a little sleep on the bus.

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