Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Well the Eurovision Song Contest for 2011 is complete. Well, it will be when I have finished this post. This is the scoring as I see it. I have voted as if I am a country.  I mean, of course there are the official winners, and I am very happy for them and their country. And then there are the SBS determined winners based on what Australians think. I did not end up voting in this. And then there is my list. The definitive one. It is based on my own selfish likes for music. Some songs are marked up because they are well put together, some marked down because they are badly put together and one does well because of the stage production. I’ll point out that I usually buy the music and that after 6 months the songs I like and dislike will have changed. Based on past experience.

12 points to Bosnia and Herzegovina for “Love in Rewind

10 points to Estonia for “Rockefeller Street

8 points to Italy for “Follia d’amore

7 points to Iceland for “Coming Home
6 points to Serbia for “Čaroban” (Чаробан)
5 points to Switzerland for “In Love for a While
4 points to Finland for “Da Da Dam
3 points to Ukraine for “Angel
2 points to Ireland for “Lipstick
1 point to Spain for “Que me quiten lo bailao
and honourable mentions to France, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Greece in that order.
And a special thanks to Eurovision for putting the official videos on Youtube so I can include them here. I loved their enlightened view of the world.

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